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Maker is an Italian company that develops and manufactures building and road machines, offering a wide distribution range of diversified products, designed and manufactured in compliance with current EC regulations on the subject.


The commitment and professionalism of the Fam Vecchietti and of the Maker staff in achieving these machines can be seen in the attention to design, quality of products, finding the best technical solutions and ensuring a careful and personalized technical support and customer service sales stage to the after-sales service and spare parts, making it a leading and competitive company in the world market.





The main target of Maker has always been to satisfy its customer. This is the reason why the company engages in the research and development of machines that are innovative and quality ensuring maximum security, in order to meet the many needs of a market that is constantly moving, underpinned by a cognitive and IT system up to date.


His strengths:


1. Wide range of products


2. Quality of product


3. technological innovation


4. technical Expertise


5. Sales force effectiveness


6. Organizational system and computer specialist


7. Fast delivery


8. Efficiency and effectiveness of management


9. Price competitiveness


10. Customer Service


mean that the customer buying a Maker product, acquires reliability and safety getting a winning product!





Maker was founded in 1987 in an establishment of about 300 square meters, located in the cradle of Montefeltro in Schieti Industrial Area (Urbino), thanks to a perception of Serenello Vecchietti, founder and chairman of the company, who wanted to design and manufacture building and road machines.


Since 1994, Maker makes its presence felt on the market in the field of cutting machines.


Over the years it has been engaged in the introduction of new models and continues expanding its range with complementary products distinguishing itself for beauty and quality of its products.


In 2006, reflecting the growing needs of the market in terms of quality and service, Maker has reached the milestone of certification of its Quality System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 by SGS Spa ITALY Milan, for design, manufacture and service of building and road machines. That same year he also completed the expansion of its plant allowing it to implement new production lines and increase the areas reserved for assembly and shipping.


Today the headquarters is about 3,500 square meters.


Maker can currently boast the collaboration of highly qualified and specialized in the engineering industry. Has a sales network covering the whole country and has been present for many years in well over 30 countries worldwide. The entrance in the international arena has been possible thanks to the participation in several exhibitions such as: SAIE SAMOTER INTERMAT, BAUMA .. that helped to consolidate the excellent brand image, product quality, safety, reliability and customer service.




Maker subjects its products to constant and continuous testing to ensure perfect compliance with the requirements and needs of functionality, reliability and security of its clients.




Thanks to its long experience in this field and the constant search for full satisfaction of its clients Maker, with its young, flexible  and dynamic structure, has enhanced its ability to respond to customer needs by dedicating a section of its production exclusively to the design and production of customized machines acting with professionalism and competence in the reality of each customer and developing new solutions.

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