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In the heart of Europe  

MAI is an innovative Austrian company which serves the world in the area of plaster and injection technology.
The unique needs of each customer lie at the center of our interest.
Quality - individuality - partnership are values they take seriously.

Thanks to the most modern computer systems available they keep a constant watch over our production processes, inventories and capacities to ensure that their products take the shortest and most efficient path from purchasing to their customers.
An expert team of responsible employees are constantly prepared to provide their customers with the advice they need. Regular training courses for their customers and employees provide an opportunity to examine present and future technologies.


Their development team’s know-how is the product in intense cooperation with representatives of the construction branch and material manufacturers from around Europe, is your guarantee for practical solutions on the construction site.

Environmentally friendly production methods in a modern operation are obvious choices for them. All their products are subject to strict quality standards according to ISO 9001:2008.


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